Dr Nikolic selected active ingredients that are known to be less sensitising and more stable. This makes it suitable for more skin types and limits the risks of unwanted side effects often associated with the likes of vitamin C and retinol. Because most people have an outer skin barrier impairment, and the health of this barrier is so important for skincare ingredients to be absorbed correctly, each serum in the sk.in range has barrier-restoring properties.

“It’s the powerful, active ingredients that give sk.in its superpowers,” says Dr Nikolic, “potently targeting the errors of the past, while helping the skin work at its best again.”

Treatments: SK.IN Propeels R600
The sk.in Propeel system is a highly effective superficial chemical peeling system. This system works on age prevention and aging treatment with specific targeted benefits and effects on the skin:

  • Improve rough texture
  • Minimise fine lines & wrinkles
  • Reduces pores
  • Stimulates collagen & elastin production
  • Improves thickness of the epidermal and dermal layers
  • Increase skin hydration

The sk.in ProPeel systems have been specifically formulated for aesthetic skincare professionals and consists of three comprehensive peeling systems.

The sk.in ProPeel | glycolic citric system consists of three different peel strengths that allow a safe and gradual step up approach aimed to prevent and treat intrinsic skin ageing.

The sk.in ProPeel | mandelic-20 lactic-35 has two targeted benefits and effects on the skin namely to act as an ageing prevention and treatment peel for people with sensitive skin and secondly for those with oily and/or acne skin to help treat excess sebum production, minimise pores and reduce acne breakouts and blemishes.

The sk.in ProPeel | kojic-5 is used in conjunction with the sk.in ProPeel | glycolic citric system to specifically target hyperpigmentation caused by UV damage, hormonal changes or post inflammatory skin conditions.

*Please note these products and peels are not for use while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Why we love these peels?

  • Safe & gradual step up approach
  • Amazing for younger clients to slow down the aging process, as well as for older clients wanting to treat signs of aging
  • No hectic down time
  • Cost effective enough to have every 3 – 6 weeks and see maximum benefits

and let one of our therapists start your sk.in workout