Dermaceutic is a partner of choice for Dermatologists & doctors around the world. We offer a comprehensive range of superficial to medium depth Dermaceutic medical peels which are supported by extensive clinical trials. These peels are safe & highly effective with proven results.

Do you have a specific and troublesome skin condition such as aging, acne or pigmentation?

Are you prepared to invest in a course of peels, as well as high performance home care products that prepare, optimise and maintain results?

See information on Dermaceutic professional peels here.

Dermaceutic home care products contain many active ingredients and formulations, which is why they are so effective. This is also the reason you should consult with one of our skin care professionals to ensure that you are prescribed the correct products for your skin type and concern.

Experience the difference these products can make to your skin by purchasing a 21-day Healthy Skin trial kit. This is a great way to get to know Dermaceutics products, in a cost-effective way. Optimum results will be achieved by using the full-sizes for a continuous period. Starter kits are purposed to get a feel of product formulation for individual compatibility.

  • Age Defense Kit helps combat the visible signs of aging
  • Lightening Kit targets stubborn pigmentation
  • Acne-Prone Kit for adult and teen acne

*Please note these products and peels are not for use while pregnant or breastfeeding.

“My skin was dry, rough, dull and full of pigmentation before the peels. The treatments were a breeze – some tingling, but that was all. I had some flaking from one of my peels and with the rest, my skin felt tight and a bit dry. The post treatment K-Ceutic cream was so soothing and nourishing. Today, my skin is much improved. I am happy to go without foundation; my skin is silky smooth and glowing!

I would highly recommend a course of Dermaceutic peels as they are not invasive, there is no down time and done over a period of time where you can actually monitor the wonderful change in your skin”

Jenny Cottrell